.Storage for trademark holders

What is the Trademark Clearinghouse?

The Trademark Holder Landrush is a three-week open registration period for any business or trademark holder to secure their .Storage domains before general availability.

The Landrush starts at 00:00 UTC on November 7, 2017 and ends at 23:59 UTC on November 28, 2017

Where can I register .Storage during Landrush?

Please visit www.go.storage/registrars to see a complete list of retailers carrying .Storage. Some registrars may only take landrush applications by phone, so registrants are encouraged to call their registrar for assistance.

Do I need to register my trademarks or have an SMD file to be eligible for Landrush?

No. Since neither registrars nor XYZ will validate trademarks during this period, registrants are able to not only register their trademarks, but also trademark variations, slogans, product names, and generic keywords before the public Early Access Period (EAP), when application fees will start at a higher fee.

Do I need to be in the storage industry to register .Storage domains?

No. When .Storage was acquired by XYZ in April 2017, the namespace was opened up to all industries. Any business or individual can register unlimited .Storage domains for any purpose.

Why is the Trademark Holder phase a Landrush instead of a Sunrise?

.Storage was acquired after the previous registry operator had held a traditional "Sunrise" phase. Since XYZ is now widely distributing .Storage as an unrestricted, generic domain extension through its global network of registrars and resellers, the Trademark Holder Landrush phase gives businesses another opportunity to register their .Storage domains before public EAP or general availability.

Can I register a 1-character or 2-character domain?

Yes. 1-letter, 1-number, 2-letter, and 2-number domains will all be made available for the same standard price during all phases of launching, including during the Landrush. Trademark variations, slogans, product names, and generic keywords can also be registered during all launch phases.

What if I forget to register during the Landrush?

All .Storage domains can be registered during the public during the priority Early Access Period (EAP), immediately after Landrush ends. There is a one-time application fee for each registration during EAP to secure domains before the general availability launch. Highly sought-after keyword domains (e.g. 1.Storage, LA.Storage, or Cloud.Storage) are also typically registered in EAP.

What domains should I register during Landrush?

For brand protection, businesses are recommended to register all variations of their trademarks. For example:

"XYZ Self Storage" .Storage
Exact Mark XYZSelfStorage.Storage
Variation 1 XYZSelf.Storage
Variation 2 XYZ-Self-Storage.Storage
Variation 3 XYZ-SelfStorage.Storage
Variation 4 XYZSelf-Storage.Storage
Variation 5 XYZ-Self.Storage

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